How To Explain Touch For Health To Your Clients

How do I explain Touch for Health?

Sometimes I use the analogy of the body being like a car we highly value. If we want it to run smoothly and efficiently, we bring it in for regularly maintenance. A Touch for Health balance is similar to a tune-up. As a result of balancing the muscles, organs and energy, the body is able to run smoothly, efficiently and prevent premature wear and tear.

Balancing the body’s muscles and energy system often lead to a decrease in pain, stiffness, restriction, headaches, low energy, depression, anxiety, etc. Improvements are often seen in range of motion, energy, moods, digestion, sleep, focus, memory, immune system, sports performance, endurance, relaxation of the nervous system, improved motivation and more.
Results can be immediate, long-lasting and often permanent!

Touch for Health helps people live the lives they’ve dreamed of by improving their overall health and vitality!

If you have questions or need resources to give your clients (such as brochures, flyers or links explaining Touch for Health), feel free to contact Terri Kaus at or call (612) 310-4281.

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