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To get an idea of what you can expect as a student, and then from your clients, click one of the links below to hear what students and clients are saying about Terri’s Touch for Health and Specialized Kinesiology training and sessions.

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Here’s a sample of what you’ll hear:

I am a Level IV TFH practitioner and am well-trained in muscle-testing.

Recently, I had an injury that wasn’t completely resolving so I figured it might be because of a reactive muscle pattern. However, I’m not well-versed in reactive muscle balancing so didn’t feel comfortable doing it on my own.

After seeing Terri’s extensive bio, I called her. Over the phone she walked me through finding the reactive pattern and doing the correction and the last bit of the injury completely cleared!

Terri’s skillfulness and extensive base of knowledge made it very easy, and her guidance and graciousness is most appreciated. Thank you very much,Terri!”

LJM – Minneapolis, MN