Student Resources

Thank you for registering for my workshop. I’m excited to provide you with the best Touch for Health Specialized Energy Kinesiology education possible!

For more information about each level:
Touch for Health Level 1
Touch for Health Level 2
Touch for Health Level 3
Touch for Health Level 4

Required book

Touch for Health book
Required for Touch for Health Levels 1 through 4 is Touch For Health: The Complete Edition, released Nov. 2005 by John Thie, DC and Matthew Thie, M.Ed.  (ISBN:  13: 9780875168715) Make sure you have a 2005 or newer edition. The price should be around $40. You do not need the spiral bound version. The paperback is solid and opens nicely.
This book can be purchased from The Touch for Health Association or Amazon.

Videos to watch before your workshop

Bring to each workshop

  1. The book Touch for Health: The Complete Edition. Scroll up for more information.
  2. Plenty of water. Hydration is essential for accuracy in muscle testing. I will provide a light snack for break time.
  3. A snack to share if you like.
  4. wear comfortable clothes and it is recommended you dress in layers.

We will have an hour meal break and two 15 minute snack breaks each day. There is a nice selection of restaurants nearby. Free tea, and purified water is provided.

Suggested Reading

These are the suggested readings from Touch for Health: The Complete Edition for each level. Cutting out the tabs in the muscle reference section (pages 95-229) before the workshop will be helpful.

Level 1
Muscle Testing pp. 16-24
Accurate Muscle Testing pp. 36-44
Prechecks pp. 45-46
Central Meridian Energy pp. 36
Hydration pp. 46, 300
Neurolymphatic Points pp. 50-52
Neurovascular Holding Points pp. 52-54
Meridians pp. 34, 55
Origin and Insertion technique pp. 57
Challenge pp. 59-62
Spinal Reflexes pp. 48-50
Emotional Stress Release pp. 38-40
Foods to strengthen muscles pp. 64, 299
Cross Crawl for Fun pp. 264-265
Auricular Energy pp. 251-252
Visual Inhibition pp. 252-253
Surrogate testing pp. 256
Simple Pain Relief Techniques pp. 272-273
Postural awareness pp. 26-27
Goal Balancing pp. 72-73


Level 2
Circuit Locating pp. 63
Spindle Cell pp. 58-62
Golgi Tendon Apparatus pp. 58-62
Acupressure Holding Points pp. 56
Yin and Yang pp. 30
Alarm Points pp. 234-235
Balancing Using the Wheel pp. 236
Beaver Dam pp. 236
Triangles and squares pp. 238
Spokes pp. 238
The Law of the 5 Elements pp. 240-244
Time of Day pp. 274-275
Meridian Massage pp. 32-35
Meridian walking pp.280
Cerebrospinal Technique pp.65, 142-143
Cross Crawl Integration pp.266-267


Level 3
5 Element Color Balance pp.74, 262
Goal Balance with Emotions pp. 74-75
5 Element Balance with Foods pp. 302
Sedation Techniques pp. 279
ESR for Past Trauma pp. 259
Past Balancing pp. 260
Pulse Check pp. 71
Pain Tapping pp. 280-281
Circuit Retaining Mode pp. 294-296
Facilitation and Inhibition pp. 293-294
Reactive Muscle technique pp. 290, 297-298
Gait Reflexes pp. 268-271


Level 4
5 Element and Meridian Review pp. 67
5 Element emotions pp. 75, 244
Balancing with sound pp. 263
5 Element Balancing procedure pp. 74, 262
Acupressure Holding Theory pp. 245-247
Luo Points pp. 248-249
Time of Day Balance pp.274-275
Postural Stress Release pp. 260
Neurolymphatic Release pp. 52
Postural Analysis pp. 283-285
Postural Deviations pp. 291