Touch for Health Level 2

Level 2 Touch for Health Kinesiology Workshop

Learn to test and balance 14 additional muscles and a shortcut to balancing the entire body. Discover how to identify the body’s balancing priority. Learn acupressure holding points to strengthen weak muscles, meridian walking technique for acute pain, meridian tracing, alarm points to detect over-energy, and so much more. We also cover the theory and practice of the Chinese Five Elements.

16 CEs available for Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, RN’s, and Fitness Trainers. Other health professionals can petition with their certification board for CE’s.


Prerequisite: Touch for Health Level 1

2020 Prices:
Early Registration (30 days before start date): $379
Regular Registration (7 to 30 days before start date): $399
Can be repeated for $50/day


  • One Point Correction technique: A shortcut to balancing the entire body
  • Circuit Locating, helps identify the body’s preference for balancing
  • Acupressure Holding Points, to strengthen muscles
  • Acupressure for recent pain~Merdian Walking Technique
  • Meridian Tracing
  • Alarm Points for detecting over-energy
  • Identify patterns
  • Theory and practice of Five Elements
  • Time of Day balance
  • Yin/Yang Concept
  • Food testing for sensitivities and allergies
  • Cross Crawl Exercise for coordination and brain/body integration
  • Spindle Cell and Golgi Tendon Apparatus techniques for resetting muscles
  • Simple pain relief techniques
  • Emotional Stress Release for future performance
  • Cerebrospinal Technique for strengthening abdominal muscles
  • Learn to test 14 new muscles


Touch for Health 2 Muscles:

1. Neck Flexors – Stomach Meridian
2. Brachioradialis – Stomach Meridian
3. Lower Trapezius – Spleen Meridian
4. Middle Trapezius – Spleen Meridian
5. Rectus Abdominals – Small Intestine Meridian
6. Sacrospinalis – Bladder Meridian
7. Iliacus – Kidney Meridian
8. Adductors – Circulation/Sex Meridian/Pericardium
9. Piriformis – Circulation/Sex Meridian/Pericardium
10. Sartorius – Triple Warmer Meridian
11. Popliteus – Gall Bladder Meridian
12. Rhomboids – Liver Meridian
13. Deltoid – Lung Meridian
14. Quadratus Lumborum – Large Intestine Meridian

In preparation for Level 2:
Watch our Level 2 demonstration videos and read pages 30, 52, 55-56, 80, 89, 234, 240, 245, 272, 280, 319, and 321 in the book “Touch for Health: The Complete Edition” (2005 or newer) available from for $36.82.