Types of Therapies

Touch For Health Muscle Kinesiology Balancing

Touch for Health is a systematized method of strengthening the body on many levels through testing muscles and performing a series of healing techniques when a weakness is found.  In Touch For Health we combine various techniques (acupressure, spinal reflexes, neurolympthatic massage points, neurovascular holding points, meridian massage, origin and insertion muscle stimulation and cranial reflexes)  The result of being balanced gives us more energy, less pain, improved posture, more flexibility, a stronger immune system, clearer thinking, and calmer emotions and better digestion. We can also test for food sensitivities.

CranialSacral Therapy

A gentle, non-invasive manipulation technique to restore normal position and motion of the cranium and membrane system. Restrictions in the cranial sacral system do not allow the cerebral spinal fluid to flow freely. This can lead to many physical and emotional imbalances. Cranial Sacral Therapy works on a very deep level and helps to balance our nervous system which includes our brain and spinal cord. After a session, many report feeling grounded, balanced, having increased range of motion, better posture, more energy, mental clarity, better hearing, smell and vision, back pain, headaches and jaw pain gone.

Terri’s Therapeutic Integration Blend

Terri’s therapeutic blend combines several techniques and modalities she has learned over the last 30 years. This includes kinesiology muscle balancing and several techniques such as cranial sacral therapy, visceral manipulation, myofascial release, pelvic balancing, reactive muscle technique, allergy corrections, Swedish massage, deep tissue etc.. A decrease in pain, swelling, stiffness combined with increased range of motion, flexibility, feeling grounded, clear, balanced, more vibrant senses, calmer emotions and a deep state of relaxation are often reported after just one session.

Special Ear Treatment Session

Terri performs “special ear treatment” sessions, which have been helpful for people struggling with hearing, pressure, frequent infections, ringing, sensitivity, balance issues etc. Several clients have reported positive changes through a combination of ear candling, CranialSacral therapy,  auricular stimulation and scalp massage which are all performed during a ear treatment session.

Ear candling is alternative therapy in which the tapered end of a hollow ear candle is placed in a persons ear while the other end is lit. The burning flame creates a vacuum which gently draws wax, debris and impurities up and out of the ear canal. This often results in a feeling of lightness, deep relaxation, improved hearing, smell, and improved balance.

CranialSacral therapy is a holistic healing practice that uses very light touch to balance the cranialsacral system of the body, which includes the bones, membranes and connective tissue of the cranium and the entire nervous system.


Terri performs an allergy correction that involves tapping a series of acupuncture points while the substance is in your energy field, with 80% success.

Note: Terri does not perform gluten allergies corrections unless you have been blood tested and know that you do not have Celiac disease.

Brain Integration Techniques

For those struggling with anxiety, performance or academic challenges, test anxiety fears, and phobias.

Terri works with individuals by using brain integration techniques, along with select Brain Gym exercises, to switch on the various parts of the brain for specific learning and relaxation.

She uses a combination of techniques:

  • Brain Gym
  • CranialSacral
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Tapping for allergy corrections
  • Touch for Health kinesiology balancing
  • Massage, etc.

Examples would be switching on the brain centers involved with math, reading, spelling, memorization, sports performance etc.


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