3 Simple Kinesiology Steps to Start Your Day!

In specialized kinesiology, there are a few simple things we do to enhance our energy and improve brain/body communication. In Touch for Health, you learn the importance of doing these techniques before performing a balance.

When both brain and body are switched on and properly hydrated, balancing the energy system is smooth and easy! We can perform these techniques any time we need a pick-me-up. I often do these when I first wake up to help switch on my brain and energize my body. I also drink a tall glass of purified water.


1. Zip Up For Energy

This exercise uses the body’s Central meridian energy to provide an overall balance to the nervous system and brain. Stress, over thinking, and worry can bog down this system and cause it to function poorly.

The meridian begins at the pubic bone and ends beneath the bottom lip. Keeping your hand about an inch away from the body, trace this pathway three times in the upward direction.


2. Switch On The Brain

Switching on techniques enhance the connection between our brain and body. Each of them works on connecting different parts of the brain, making it beneficial to use them collectively.

There are three parts to this exercise. During all of them, you will hold one hand over your navel.

Rub below your collarbone with your other hand. About 1 inch below and 1 inch to the sides of the sternal notch, you will find a slight depression. Your pointer finger will fall into it on one side and your thumb on the other. These two spots are the end points of the kidney meridian (K-27’s). Firmly rub for 15 seconds with one hand and then switch hands and rub for 15 more seconds.

Second, holding one hand on your navel, place your index finger above your top lip and your middle finger below your bottom lip. Rub in a side to side motion sort of like brushing your teeth. Switch hands and repeat for 15 seconds with each hand.

Lastly, still with one hand flat across your navel, reach around and rub your sacral area with your other hand for 15 seconds. Switch hands and rub for an additional 15 seconds. You may use the back of your hand to rub this spot if it is more comfortable.

3. Tune In

This technique is based on auricular therapy, an ancient Chinese acupuncture technique. There are specific points on each ear that correlate with various organs and body systems. Instead of using needles to stimulate these points for balance, we will use our fingers.

Begin by turning your head side to side to check your range of motion, noting any pain or stiffness. Include looking up and down noting any problems with those as well.

While turning your head to one side, firmly unroll your ears starting at the top and working your way down. Do the same with your head turned in the other direction. If you had difficulty with looking up or down, unroll your ears while your head is in that direction also. Do this 2 to 3 times in all directions, paying more attention to the spots where pain or stiffness was found.

Recheck your range of motion after performing the technique and celebrate the difference.

In Touch for Health, you learn these and many other practical techniques that boost energy and decrease pain. Please comment and let us know how you were able to use these techniques!

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Zip up, switch on, and tune in diagrams by Touch for Health President Matthew Thie via Touch4Health.com.

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