The Gift of Muscle Testing

Benefits of Muscle Testing

How very wonderful it is to have the skill of accurate muscle testing! Touch for Health teaches that stating certain phrases or words can cause the body to have a stress response. Certain foods, chemicals, toxins and even thoughts can cause stress to the energy system, causing muscles to unlock.

Health practitioners without the knowledge of muscle testing may be limited to set protocols. Muscle testing can allow us to individualize a plan to meet specific client’s needs. There are many theories about how to approach a client’s needs among the various branches of specialized kinesiologists. One of the most popular theories I’ve come across is seeking to find the body’s priority correction. Honoring the body’s preferences seems to be one of the most holistic approaches to health I have found.

In Touch for Health, you learn the art and science of accurate muscle testing. You will learn a protocol for balancing the body’s energy system. You learn how to test for foods that strengthen the body. You’ll be able to determine if a person has food sensitivities. You learn how to apply several different pain and stress relieving techniques.

You can often determine if what you are doing now is beneficial, neutral, or harmful to the body.

I first become interested in learning muscle testing and Touch for Health kinesiology when my two-year-old son was having challenging physical and emotional issues. He cried uncontrollably, didn’t listen, barely slept, was irritable, had stomach aches, headaches, frequent ear infections, hyper-activity, and was just plain defiant. We met with a Touch for Health practitioner, who discovered nine different food sensitivities in our son. Her findings were confirmed through a blood test from our family physician. Simply eliminating these foods from his diet was absolutely life changing for all of us. I am forever grateful to God for discovering kinesiology, restoring my sons health, and bringing hope to our family.

This example give us insight into the power that muscle testing gives to health professionals! To learn more about the techniques Touch for Health can offer, click here.

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