Only One Touch for Health Session


Meet one of our recent students, Mellissa Tiedt. She came to me looking for release from a painful and debilitating condition. After only one Touch for Health session…well, I’ll let her tell the story….


My name is Melissa Tiedt.

I met Terri through a friend, and I am so grateful that I did.

One and a half years ago I had a rectal hernia. I had the surgery and was told by the doctor I’d be back to work in 2-6 weeks. I woke up from surgery in pain and my active lift style was dramatically changed.

My husband and I sought out second opinion doctors and multiple specialist. Sometimes waiting 3 months to get in to see them. Two physical therapists, a pain doctor, still no answers and no relief. Possible permanent nerve damage. Upon meeting my third p.t. I was seeming to finally getting some good results.

For four and a half months after my surgery I could not sit, At All!  I could not lift a glass of water. I laid in bed over half the day, on ice.

So feeling about 85% better I decided to try to go back to work for 4 hour shifts on light duty. It proved to be too much and I back slid to about 15%. I went back to seeing the p.t. but wasn’t getting better this time.

She then sent me to a doctor who administered a trigger pointe injection. That also left me with no relief, and a 900 dollar bill.

My faith kept me from giving up hope.


My short term disability through work ended, and I found out they didn’t carry long term. I applied for disability through the state and got turned down, twice.

I didn’t know where to turn next.

That’s when I met Terri and she only did one Touch For Health session on me. I can tell you, I could hardly believe the immediate change in my body.

I felt free!!!

I no longer walked with a limp, I could sit normally. I continued to feel better each day. No more ice packs! I did lose my job through it all, but that is ok.

I have my health and my life back. I am starting job hunting today.

There are no words, or enough money to thank someone who finds you broken and helps get you back on track.

I am forever Grateful to Terri. She is an amazing woman.


Is Touch for Health for you?

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