Using Emotional Stress Release Techniques On Yourself And Others

Emotional Stress Release Kinesiology

Emotional Stress Release, or ESR, is a calming technique that helps dissolve emotional distress. When we are upset we often instinctively hold our head in our hands. Some part of us knows this will help calm us down, so why not do this intentionally? One can perform this technique on themselves or others and achieve wonderful results.

Sit or lie down and lightly hold the pads of your fingers on your frontal eminences located bilaterally between the eyebrows and hairline. The pressure should be about the amount of weight you would put on your closed eyelids. Hold these spots for 1-10 minutes depending on the severity of the issue. After some time, you may begin to feel a synchronized capillary pulsation under your fingertips. This signifies you are almost done. Continue holding for 30 more seconds before slowly removing your hands.

It’s incredibly effective, and here’s why.
When a person is in fight or flight mode, the blood flows out of the cerebral cortex and goes to the lower body so you can run for your life. This lack of blood flow to your brain clouds your thinking and causes things to feel “bigger than life”. Often a person in this state is caught in a negative thinking pattern. Lightly holding the finger pads on the forehead encourages blood flow back to the cerebral cortex, bringing more oxygen to your brain cells. As this happens you’ll begin to breathe diaphragmatically and relax. Your sympathetic nervous systems calms down and the previous emotional intensity level begins to lower. Your physical circumstances have not changed but your hormones and body chemistry have.

As a parent, I used this to comfort my children if they ever woke up in the night with a fright or when they felt nervous before exams, performances or sporting event. I often combine it with Cooks Hook Ups (another amazing kinesiology technique you can read about here) at the beginning of my client sessions to aid in relaxation.

Although ESR is most commonly used for emotional upsets, some have experienced pain relief by simply holding the painful body area and the frontal eminence simultaneously till the pain fades.

Another option is using calming essential oils while performing ESR. Lavender, Cedarwood, Geranium and Chamomile are some I’ve used. I usually muscle test to see if the essential oil would be beneficial for them. I muscle test to discover which oils to use, how to apply them, and where the body needs them most.

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