Is Muscle Testing Woo or True?

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Terri demonstrating Touch for Health technique

Many people are skeptical about the validity of muscle testing. Some call it ‘woo’ or the power of suggestion.

To put some science to answering the question of whether it is woo or true, clinical researchers are starting to conduct trials.

Randomized Blind Trials

Here’s what clinical researcher, Dr Anne Jensen, discovered in her trials:

“Muscle response testing (MRT) used for distinguishing false from true spoken statements was consistently found to be more accurate than would be expected by chance.

It was also better than intuition employed by the same practitioner, indicating that success was due to the muscle testing component rather than, for example, body language or voice qualities.

These studies provide one step toward proof of concept for this application of MRT. They also demonstrate that scientific methods, including blinding and randomisation, can be used in the assessment of tests used by complementary and alternative medicine practitioners, such as MRT.”*

The results look promising, and add credibility to what most Touch for Health and Specialized Kinesiology practitioners and clients already know: it is true. The body does not lie.

We look forward to more research and results in the years to come.

Until then, keep muscle testing! 

*Source: Estimating the accuracy of muscle response testing: two randomised-order blinded studies, published in the journal,  BioMed Central Complimentary and Alternative Medicine, licensed under CC Public Domain

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